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Electronic Payments Expands ProCharge® Solution to Include ProCharge® Desktop

ProCharge® Desktop is a convenient and affordable payment processing solution for medical and business-professional offices.

Calverton, New York — January 5, 2021 — Electronic Payments, an industry-leading merchant services provider offering a variety of payment processing and point of sale solutions, has expanded their ProCharge® platform to include ProCharge Desktop, a Windows application that allows a merchant’s front office staff to quickly accept EMV and contactless payments at the counter. With streamlined payments, businesses can expedite checkout, improve workflows, and save on processing costs.

ProCharge Desktop is PCI DSS certified, enabling a wide range of businesses reliant on accounting and practice management software to seamlessly and securely process payments, while realizing substantial savings. With a special focus on medical and professional-service offices, ProCharge Desktop was developed to allow merchants to continue using their existing software and add a stand-alone countertop terminal to accept payments, including support for EMV/NFC transactions.

Designed to be customer-centric, ProCharge Desktop gives a merchant’s client complete control over the transaction, including choosing their preferred method of payment. The solution’s ability to accept contactless payments eliminates the need to handle cash or credit cards—and ProCharge Desktop makes it easy for staff to print customer receipts on any office printer. Additionally, with support for multiple users and workstations, ProCharge Desktop’s simplified payment acceptance works with any Windows-based computer operating on Windows 10 software.

“ProCharge has been a reliable platform for thousands of merchants, and we’re excited to bring its many advantages to this market,” said Michael Nardy, CEO. “Every business should be able to speed their customers through checkout with the ease and confidence of processing through a reliable partner like Electronic Payments. ProCharge Desktop provides an array of possibilities that ensure business continuity, including next day funding, reporting, and service from our Technical Support team. Plus, it’s a smart tool to lower processing costs and avoid expensive investments in new hardware and software.”

The new Desktop application can be installed and setup within minutes, allowing merchants to start accepting payments quickly with zero downtime. They can also take advantage of ProCharge’s next day funding and free integrated gift card processing, all backed by Electronic Payments’ 24/7 U.S-based, in-house Technical Support.

Current users of ProCharge enjoy the many inherent features of the platform’s product ecosystem, including recurring billing, e-invoicing, and support for mobile payments. To learn more about ProCharge and all of the features and benefits the application offers, visit

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