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Exatouch® Point of Sale’s Latest Software Release Debuts Key Enhancements for Merchants

Electronic Payments' proprietary point of sale, Exatouch®, is now even more in-demand with recent developments that encompass customer facing displays, offline transactions, and other features today’s small businesses require.

Calverton, New York — February 24, 2021 — Electronic Payments, an industry leader in payment processing and point of sale (POS), is continuously developing and enhancing its proprietary POS solution, Exatouch. Inclusive of feedback from Electronic Payments’ merchant and agent partners, the latest Exatouch software release encompasses a wide range of features. From enhancing the customer facing display (CFD) to new developments in offline processing, Exatouch continues to make managing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) even simpler.

Customer Facing Display Enhancements

Exatouch Point of Sale bundles include a large, 10″ customer facing display. With the CFD’s new design and functionality, merchants can:

  • Select an unlimited number of custom images to rotate on the CFD and include text on the images to advertise special offers and promotions at checkout
  • Display the business’s logo on the CFD for branding purposes
  • Display both a cash and credit total on the screen, if there is a checkout fee and/or a tender discount defined in the system. This ensures customers are aware of any cash discounts or surcharging, so they can make an informed decision on how to pay
  • Set all their preferences in one convenient location, including screen savers, dark mode settings, and sleep settings, in addition to the new options detailed above

With many businesses still facing challenges due to the ongoing pandemic, reliable technology that not only saves time, but helps retain customers, inspire repeat business, and boost sales, can make a significant difference in terms of long-term viability.

Offline Transaction Developments

In this latest software release, Exatouch has enhanced reporting capabilities for offline transactions, the way offline sales are settled, and added new alerts to ensure merchants are aware of offline transactions in the system.

  • Merchants can select online and/or offline transactions to apply tip adjustments before settling a batch
  • If offline transactions have occurred, a banner and an icon in the system will alert merchants that these transactions are in the open batch status. The banner will remain until the batch of offline sales are settled
  • To provide greater insight, Exatouch’s offline sales report shows all offline transactions according to their status: approved, declined, or failed

Whether losing internet connectivity due to inclement weather, construction in the area, or any number of common causes, Exatouch’s offline transaction capabilities ensure merchants never miss a sale, enabling transactions to continue that process when a connection resumes.

Printing and Receipt Enhancements

To elevate the customer experience, Exatouch now enables merchants to print receipts that reflect:

  • Both a cash and credit price at the bottom of the slip when cash discounting is enabled
  • The pickup and delivery times on kitchen, customer, and delivery receipts when using DeliverMe™, an online ordering solution for restaurants with Exatouch POS
  • An upgraded option for modifier printing in restaurant kitchens (e.g., if a customer orders a steak entrée with a side salad rather than the standard baked potato side, the salad order would print at the salad station, if one is assigned, to expedite the order)

Additional Exatouch POS Developments

The latest Exatouch developments also include important features merchants can use to streamline operations.

  • Exclude specific items from promotions and discounts to more efficiently manage inventory
  • Set specific tender types to include or exclude a checkout fee, which is helpful for merchants who are taking advantage of cash discounting programs
  • Import alternate stock keeping units (SKUs) for specific items, ideal for retailers who may sell seasonally packaged versions of the same item throughout the year and need to differentiate them

“Electronic Payments is constantly working to enhance our products and services, ensuring our technologies have the capabilities merchants need to keep up with the speed of business—even in challenging circumstances,” said Michael Nardy, Founder and CEO of Electronic Payments. “With Exatouch POS, businesses get reliable technology to help manage employees, inventory, sales, and so many other important aspects of running an operation. And with continuous enhancements, they’re able to access Exatouch’s latest software releases to improve service levels and gain deeper insights that allow for greater efficiencies and profits.”

Exatouch includes a plethora of user-friendly management tools, as well as free gift card processing through eGiftSolutions® and low-cost credit card processing—all backed by an in-house Technical Support team that is based in the United States and available to assist merchants 24/7.

Learn more about Exatouch and how it helps SMBs build their businesses at or by scheduling a free demonstration at

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